EBS Duracoil+ Coil

Phillips EBS (Electronic Brake System) products guarantee safety and uninterrupted flow of signals to the trailer’s braking system. Made of durable materials, they ensure reliability and high performance. In addition to outstanding quality, Phillips EBS connectors, sockets and plugs are easy to install and compatible with any truck and trailer model. Phillips EBS cables guarantee the uninterrupted transmission of signals to the braking system of the semi-trailer. Phillips EBS connectors effectively protect against water, moisture and dust, ensuring precise operation even in extreme weather conditions. Phillips EBS cables are highly resistant to corrosion and harmful substances. Thanks to precisely matched plugs, the installation of wires in the sockets becomes quick and easy. Phillips EBS plugs and sockets are precisely matched, which makes cable installation quick and easy. Solid hooks on the plugs ensure stable coupling of the tractor with the semi-trailer and no interference with the signal transmission. Phillips EBS sockets have a water-repellent design thanks to socket flap seals.

In an industry dominated by black products, Phillips provides Duracoil + electrical connectors for quick and secure product identification thanks to the colour elements assigned to it. Every product category has its colour coding, which makes it easier for the driver to recognize its function. Duracoil + cables, plugs and sockets are constructed utilizing highly resilient substances and meet all sector-specific requirements.

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Weight N/A
Dimensions 50 × 10 × 28 cm

3,5, 3m, 4,5m, 4m


3×1,5+2×4,+2×1,5 mm^2


ISO 7638









Serial Number

D101-01-030-1005, D101-01-035-1005, D101-01-040-1005, D101-01-045-1005



Temperature range


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