An ideal solution for European transport companies who want to increase their bottom line and reduce their carbon footprint seamlessly.  

Phillips Europe is proud to introduce a line of cutting-edge solar panels, specifically designed to optimize the performance of European trailers. The panels are designed for exceptional performance in all weather conditions. The solution ensures robust and reliable energy generation, even in the most extreme environments. With military-grade certifications validating the design and materials, and an aesthetically pleasing look, Phillips Solar Panels are a testament to the company’s excellence and functionality. Currently available to power trailer auxiliary equipment such as lift gates. 

By continuously charging the battery, Phillips Solar Panels can help maintain the battery at an optimal level, which can prolong its life. This is specifically important for trailers with liftgate systems that encounter significant time not in use. Added charging capability from solar panels means the truck alternator and/or genset systems don’t have to work as hard or as often, leading to savings on repairs and parts replacement. By ensuring that the battery is continuously charged, solar panels can help prevent dead batteries. This reliability is crucial for fleet efficiency and operational success. Phillips Solar Panels are simple to install and use MERLIN® patented mesh grid technology – engineered to be flexible and rugged. They are 80% lighter than glass systems, 50X more durable than thin film technology, and produce 20% more energy in real world conditions. The engineering allows for seamless operation, even on cloudy days, and effectively withstands vibration and extreme environmental conditions seen on tractor and trailer roofs.  By choosing Phillips Solar Panels, fleets are contributing to a greener planet and a more sustainable future. Enjoy requiring less power from your alternator, extended battery life, and significant reductions in CO2 emissions and fuel consumption. With lower fleet operating and maintenance costs and the elimination of engine starting problems, operations will run smoother than ever. Trucks utilizing our solar energy solutions are playing a pivotal role in the global movement to reduce fossil fuel consumption and mitigate climate change. 

Julita Mazurkiewicz, President of Phillips Europe says, “At Phillips Europe, we are deeply committed to ESG initiatives, recognizing that our responsibilities extend far beyond the products we create. We understand the pivotal role businesses play in fostering a sustainable future, and we are dedicated to leading the charge in the transportation sector. Our solar panels are designed to empower transport companies to reduce their carbon footprint effortlessly, without compromising on efficiency or performance. Together, we are paving the way for a greener, more sustainable future in transportation.” 

By installing Phillips Europe Solar Panels, fleet owners will increase their profits by decreasing downtime and operational costs. For additional information or inquiries, please contact us at or visit our website at Join us in forging a sustainable future together.