15 Pin Duracoil+ Coil

Phillips 15-pin electrical products are designed for maximum performance, reliability, safety and complete control over the electrical systems in heavy-duty trucks. Made of high-quality materials resistant to damage, they ensure uninterrupted power, signal, and data transmission between the tractor and trailer, even in the most demanding conditions. In addition to excellent quality, Phillips 15-pin connectors, sockets and plugs are easy to install and compatible with all world-manufactured tractors and semi-trailers. 15-pin Phillips electrical cables ensure a tight connection, effectively protecting against water, moisture and dust, ensuring precise operation even in extreme weather conditions. These cables are available in several product lines and are corrosion and harmful substances-resistant. Thanks to precisely matched plugs, the cable installation in the sockets is quick and easy. Solid connections ensure stability and minimize the risk of loosening. Designed with ergonomics and user convenience, Phillips’ 15-pin sockets and plugs feature intuitive shapes and robust latches, enabling effortless and secure coupling and decoupling of cables, ultimately saving time during repairs and maintenance.

In an industry dominated by black products, Phillips provides Duracoil + electrical connectors for quick and secure product identification thanks to the colour elements assigned to it. Every product category has its colour coding, which makes it easier for the driver to recognize its function. Duracoil + cables, plugs and sockets are constructed utilizing highly resilient substances and meet all sector-specific requirements.

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Weight N/A
Dimensions 50 × 10 × 28 cm

3,5, 3m, 4,5m, 4m


12×1,5 mm2 +3×2,5 mm2


ISO 12098











Serial Number

D011-01-030-1005, D011-01-035-1005, D011-01-040-1005, D011-01-045-1005



Temperature range


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