15 Pin/7 Pin Adapter Duracoil+ Coil

In an industry dominated by black products, Phillips provides Duracoil + electrical connectors for quick and secure product identification thanks to the colour elements assigned to it. Every product category has its colour coding, which makes it easier for the driver to recognize its function. Duracoil + cables, plugs and sockets are constructed utilizing highly resilient substances and meet all sector-specific requirements.

Phillips Adapter is an electrical connector designed for versatility and suitable for various trucks and trailers types. They synchronize light and energy signals between the tractor and the semi-trailer, ensuring smooth operation and sustainable power supply to the devices in the semi-trailer. Phillips Adapter electrical cables fully protect against overload and overvoltage and are waterproof and dustproof. Made of durable and weather-resistant materials ensuring reliability in all conditions. Phillips Adapter cables are made of a material that protects against corrosion and mechanical damage, ensuring the long life of our product.

Phillips Adapter electrical connectors come with various types of 7-pin plugs. There are versions with over-moulded, plastic or aluminium plugs.

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Product specification

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 50 × 10 × 28 cm

3,5, 3m, 4,5m, 4m


2 x 6x1mm²,+1×1,5 mm²


ISO 1185, ISO 12098, ISO 3731






15, 7





Serial Number

C022-012030-1005, C022-012035-1005, C022-012040-1005, C022-012045-1005

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